Training Programs

Athletic Strategies does not offer one single magic program to use for everyone, but instead tailors every program for each individual, using a holistic approach that balances and harmonizes all the different elements needed for performance and well-being. Thanks to our long experience and network of friends in the field, we also collaborate with and offer access to some of the top practitioners in the world who are normally out of reach to the public.

These are the different areas we address and work on to put into balance:


Athletic Strategies helps clients find exactly the right nutrition program for them. We are always on top of the latest developments in the nutritional field and we test every product or supplement that we recommend.


Pain is often a major hurdle to enjoying a fully functional life, but it is not a necessity nor is it something that simply needs to be lived with. Athletic Strategies’ uses both cutting-edge and traditional techniques to ensure that pain is not merely suppressed but is actually addressed and eliminated. These include deep tissue work and Eastern and Western medical practices—from pressure point to visual exercises.


Mobility is a critically important element of performance and well-being. Since everything we do and the quality of our movement is driven by our individual nervous system, we will teach you how to “re-map” your nervous system with very specific mobilization drills to restore your mobility where it’s needed and to improve the quality of your movement overall.


Flexibility of body and mind is essential to a client’s well-being. Athletic Strategies strongly believes that flexibility does not need to diminish with age. Drawing from various practices—such as yoga, breathing techniques, visual work, and much more—our clients can regain flexibility and feel at home in their bodies again.


This important element is often misunderstood. Imbalances in the nervous system often express themselves with the feeling “I am not strong enough.” To work on strength, we employ much more than traditional methods, such as pumping weights, but integrate a range of advanced techniques for balancing the nervous system and improving health through stability, agility, repetition and confidence in movements, through which people naturally gain strength and marvel at how much they can achieve.

Immune system

In this time of viral infections and other threats, strengthening the immune system through a variety of methods is a crucial way to protect the body. These include breathing, nutrition, supplements, resilience training, stretching, cold showers, ice baths, and, of course, maintaining an active lifestyle.


Our emotions affect everything else in our organism and, in our age, one of the biggest challenges is maintaining a balanced emotional life in the face of continual stimulus and stress. Athletic Strategies works with an array of cutting-edge techniques to help our clients achieve more balanced and healthier emotional lives, bringing improved performance, well-being, and peace of mind.

Nervous system

This is the system that regulates and governs all the others, so it is essential that it is functioning at its highest level. Nervous system weaknesses are not easily seen but are often expressed by a lack of energy, fatigue, as well as aches and pains.

As nervous system imbalances are accumulative, it is important to deal with the underlying functions to arrive at a full assessment of the problem. Everyone is absolutely unique in this regard and, therefore, Athletic Strategies’ work on a client’s nervous system is completely tailor-made to each individual.