“I wanted to take this time to thank my Pops, big brother, close friend, body savior, the best in the world, Chris Hoffmann. Your neuro training has made all the difference in how I performed on the basketball court in my last 10 years of playing. The physical conditioning and the mental preparation are like nothing else. It helped to elevate me to the best I could be in the game of basketball. You helped me get back to the top of my game and enabled me to play another 10 years after having been injured so many times. These last 10 years of my career, winning multiple championships, were well worth all the hard work daily we did together. Thank you, Pops—love you! Love is love.”

Stephon Marbury, Professional basketball player, two-time NBA All-Star

“I’ve been working with Chris the last two years and it’s been nothing but great. He has helped me, allowed me to get back on the court, to play at a high level, and it’s something that I don’t believe a lot of people could have done. What Chris does is very unique, very special. I remember the first day, the tissue work, which was probably the craziest pain I’ve ever experienced. But after a few days of getting familiar with it, it was the best thing I’ve ever done to my body in my career … and it’s something I need daily. Also the neurological brain work has been something I’ve never done before, which Chris introduced to me in the early stages of working with him. Also Chris is one of the hardest working guys I’ve ever been around in terms of his preparation, the things he studies, the things he looks out for, especially for me individually, the things that would allow me to get back on the court. He was always finding new things that we could do. That’s just who he is. To me, he’s the best in the business, somebody who, if you want to be great, you’re going to work with. He helped me in so many ways, but the most important way was getting back on the court and being able to play at a high level. We worked every day, hours and hours on the road through the season. It was something that was a routine for us, and I think he allowed me to be able to understand my body more, and to connect with my brain, connect with my mind, and to go to a place mentally and physically I never took my body to. Without Chris these last two years, I wouldn’t have been able to step on the court. He has been a big help not only to my body, but to my career, and we look forward to getting back to the top.”

Isaiah Thomas, Professional basketball player, two-time NBA All-Star

“Chris, I’m so grateful for having the chance to work with you. Your system of functional neuroscience and your precise deep tissue-work technique have literally changed my life. I’m completely pain-free and in the best shape I’ve ever been in. You are an awesome trainer and I appreciate my new body!”

Uri Harash, Perfetto Traveler

“Chris’s passion for and commitment to his craft are unparalleled. As a professional athlete, I benefitted from this for most of my career and I could not have done what I did without him in my corner. My only regret is that I didn’t find him sooner!”

Sean Scott, Champion beach volleyball player, ten consecutive years on the AVP Tour

“Chris, thank you for taking great care of my body and allowing me to experience your extraordinary tissue work and gifted hands. Your understanding of the human body and human neurology is impressive, and your results are amazing. At Solace Lifesciences and NuCalm, we trust you to utilize our unique, patented, and clinically proven technology on your clients as part of your comprehensive training program. It’s an honor to collaborate with you and to see the results you provide your clientele. Your intellectual curiosity, professionalism, humility, and dedication to service is admirable and we appreciate you. Thank you for the amazing work you do.”

Jim Poole, President and CEO, Solace Lifesciences, maker of NuCalm