While over the years Athletic Strategies has excelled with many top athletes and executives, of course, we will work with clients from any background or with any need who put their well-being at the center of their priorities. Our ideal clients include:

Top Athletes

The ideal athlete is someone who is open-minded and willing to take responsibility for his or her own health, well-being, and highest level of performance.

They must be open-minded because science is continually evolving and developing new knowledge on how the nervous system works as well as how to derive the most from training through the practical application of the latest neuro-science.

Being responsible means the willingness to work to enable your own nervous system to make the changes needed in order to realize your ultimate goal. This necessitates being ready to do what your nervous system demands and not only what you would like to do during our training session.

I have worked with many top athletes at the highest levels of their sports and, to their surprise, we discovered that they reached that standard despite the fact that their nervous system was inefficient and imbalanced. This could happen without their knowledge because of the high level of compensation produced by their nervous system. But, of course, there is always a price to pay for these compensations, including discomfort, pain, slower recovery, less energy, a poorer quality of sleep, a decline in power output from the nervous system (which might appear as a slight drop or inconsistencies in performance) or in an increase in the energy needed to perform at the same level as before.

Perhaps speed diminishes, accuracy declines, or reaction time slows down for no apparent reason. All of these are signs that are neurologically driven, but the real causes are usually ignored by athletes and coaches who do not know how to accurately assess or correct them. Although the athlete continues to work hard and learns how to deal with the challenges, most of them intuitively feel that something is occurring on a level they cannot fully understand.

What is required to restore the correct functioning of the nervous system is to discover exactly what it needs and wants—and Athletic Strategies can help you do just that!

Top Executives

My ideal executive is someone who, despite his or her success, has realized that there is more to life and who is open-minded about exploring new possibilities to reach new heights of health and well-being and a higher degree of performance in work or activities.

Everything we do—from making fast and accurate decisions to planning for the future of a company, from having enough energy for quality time with family and friends to enjoying life without aches and pains—are all driven by the efficient functioning of our nervous system.

Just as a dysfunction in our visual or vestibular system can impact our depth perception or physical performance, so, too, can it affect our decision-making, mental clarity and concentration. Everything we do, as well as our mental and physical level of performance, is driven by our nervous system.

Athletic Strategies can accurately assess your nervous system, identify the areas of dysfunction, and correct them through specific exercises and a completely customized training program. With our precise, custom-designed training, we can guide you on your path to realize your full potential and highest goals!

Mindful Individuals and High-Achievers

Those working in the arts, science, business, politics, education or any field, for whom enhancing health, well-being, fitness, balance, and performance is essential to their lives